Current Issue



March 2019 (No. 78)

Featuring the poetry and prose of: 

DS Maolalai//Kathryn Ross//Steven Deutsch//Charles Becker//Dan Morey//P Joshua Laskey//Molly Johnson//Dawn Paul//Christina Stump//Nina Adel//Abigail Oswald

Featuring art by:

Edward Supranowicz

Of Note: A piece of creative non-fiction, originally published in our March 2019 issue,  has come under dispute. In our nearly seven years in existence, Linden Avenue Literary Journal has taken pride in publishing works that give voice to all. It is not our practice to do harm to our authors or our audience. To this end, after conversations with the offended party, legal counsel, and the author we have made the decision to remove the piece from our current issue and our archives.