Miscarriage & One

by Kelly Harris




the dot

was death

did not know

the dot

was death

did not feel

the dying


did not know

i was having

a funeral


my legs

did not know

this blood came

to kill

did not know

death could be

so quiet

did not know

a baby

was dying

did not know

a baby was living

did not know

the baby was mine

did not know

how to say dead

did not know

how to weep

and walk

back into life






When they ask

why I only have one child

I tell them God is stingy.

I put blame in a sky

big enough to never find answers


Don’t want to know why

I bleed and keep living

or how dead children become angels


I was once a cathedral of faith

believing ants could carry

a body over a hill,

what are the chances now?


I weep at everything I look in the eye

My grave grows deeper in the Earth.

My hands raise nothing to my mouth


I’ve been eaten alive.



Kelly Harris received her MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University and has received fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center and Cave Canem. Her first poetry collection, Shame on Her, is forthcoming. Her work has appeared in Torch, Caduceus, Valley Voices, and Southern Review, among others, and is included in the anthology Say it Loud: Poems for James Brown. Recently she served as guest poetry editor for Bayou Magazine. She currently curates programming for the literary festival Words & Music and serves as the New Orleans Poets & Writers Inc. Coordinator. kellyhd.com