Pop-Up Contest

Linden Avenue Literary Journal is celebrating our 6th year of programming with a pop-up contest dedicated to the Number 6!

At Linden Avenue, we aim to make our sixth year one of renewal, reinvention, and a return to the things that have always made us great, namely providing a creative home for writers of color, women, queer folks and all those typically underrepresented in the industry.

Described in mathematics as the first perfect number, and representing numerological ideas of completion, we want to know what the number six means to you. Winners of our contest will each receive $100 in each genre (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) and have their work featured in our March 2019 issue along with a special profile on their process and craft.


General Guidelines:

  • Non-Fiction Entries of Up to 3k Words

  • Fiction Entries of Up to 3k Words

  • Poetry Entries of up to 3 Poems

  • Three $100 Prize Winners

  • Open-Ended Cutoff Date*

  • $5 Donation Entry Fee


Possible Themes

  • Sestinas

  • Love and Equality

  • Home and Heart

  • Gaia, Mother, Earth

  • Imperfection Among Humanity

  • Luck, Lessons


How to Pay:

  • Go to PayPal.Me/lindenavelit to make your $5 Donation
  • Copy and Paste the confirmation code into the description box on submittable


We, of course, welcome your original interpretations of the number six as well.  Most of all, we want you to make us fall in love with your words.

As always, we are seeking works that highlight the intersection between art and everyday life, and that gift us with extraordinary imagery. Work that resonates on the tongue and on the page. We especially favor clear, concise, and character driven language regardless of any prior affiliations or publications. Bring us your words, colored and sketched, and if we love them? There will be a place for them here.

Further details and instructions can be found on our Submittable page.


***As a small journal with limited capacity, the “pop-up” aspect of our contest is highlighted by the open-ended cutoff date mentioned in our guidelines. We are open to the natural ebbs and flows of a typical submission process, but we also want to be mindful of how many entries we can reasonably accommodate. We ask that you watch our website and social media feeds to find out the submission deadline when we have reached our limit. We’ll give at least one weeks’ notice so keep an eye out!