The Nineteen Steps Between Us by Darren Demaree

If Darren Demaree’s Not For Art Nor Prayer is an ode to the ones he admires, The Nineteen Steps Between Us is a self-reflective body of work in which he ponders his existence in relation to them. This collection focuses more on intimacy and intricacies of relationships, which Demaree knows how to untangle with skill and, what seems like, ease.

In “Step Sixteen: Your Face as the Epic”, he says

“If you weren’t the prize I would excavate you.

If this was about the physical

I would frame the face of your world

with my hands. We could both

be stripped of everything but the ecstatic

collection of our vision, right now

& that synapse would last long enough

to move our minds towards each other

for a new definition of the future.”

Demaree is a lover’s poet – no matter what it is one may be in love with. His poetry transcends the physical. This collection is definitely for the young at heart and soul wishing for something to force themselves out of their hiding place and step into love.